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Market Recap – Stocks Regain Ground as States Discuss Plans to Reopen

Globally, billions remain at home under some variation of COVID-related lockdowns and social distancing, a phrase many of us hadn’t heard or used up until this year. Unsurprisingly, this has affected just about every industry, from restaurants to airlines to the oil industry. The markets, in turn, have experienced some turmoil although they perked up […]

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Five Actionable Ways to Vet a Charity

Maximize the impact of your charitable dollars by supporting trustworthy organizations.

Derived from the Greek word “philanthropia,” philanthropy translates to “the love of humanity.” And it’s heartening to know that our love of humanity has technically been growing for decades. According to Charity Navigator, giving in the U.S. has increased in current dollars every year since 1977, with the exception of 1987, 2008 and 2009, which all marked major economic crises. As we prepare to welcome a new decade of goodwill, you may have started thinking about the organizations and causes you wish to champion.

COVID-19 Update – Stocks Continue to Rally, Await Reopening of U.S. Economy

Each day brings more news – some of it encouraging, some of it not – about our efforts to curtail the spread of COVID-19 and reopen the U.S. economy. Lawmakers at the federal, state and local levels are trying to find the appropriate time to reopen the economy, as well as ways to support people whose lives and livelihoods have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Four Estate Planning Myths That Refuse to Die

Estate planning remains one of the most misunderstood areas of planning. Over the years, I’ve met with people who “only needed a financial plan, not an estate plan” or “didn’t need a financial plan, just some help with estate planning.” I’ve also met with people who labeled themselves too young (or too old) to engage in estate planning. What they were all missing is that estate planning is an integral part of a comprehensive financial plan, not something that sits outside of it.