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It Is About You

While many of our clients fall into easily identified groups – academics, business owners, independent women, professionals, and retirees in transition – we define our clients as one thing: individuals.

Since 1982, we’ve served an array of clients, and we’ve come to recognize that in order to serve them well, we must serve them all differently. No two financial plans should be the same, because no two investors are.

In a comparison of financial planning clients, we find that our clients are the exception and not the norm. Our clients typically:

  • Are highly educated (even if self-taught) and successful individuals
  • Live below their means, while giving back to their communities
  • Have a passion for their families, relationships and careers
  • Are delegators who aren’t afraid to hire experienced professionals for help but are not interested in get-rich-quick schemes
  • Have a “family steward” attitude when it comes to managing their wealth
  • Have a systemized approach to setting and accomplishing goals
  • Are loyal


Academics often feel overwhelmed by the great demands on their time. Consumed by their work, they often feel frustrated by the lack of time to address financial issues effectively.

We simplify complex financial issues by establishing a clear plan that encompasses your life, not just pieces of it.

Our priority is to understand our clients’ hopes, dreams and goals and to design strategies to preserve and invest their wealth. We manage the details, so you can spend time doing what is important to you.

Business Owners

Successful business owners have already achieved many goals, but may feel great uncertainty about the future. We believe decisions about your life come before decisions about your money. Often, business and personal financial issues are intertwined and complex. You may feel overwhelmed by demands on your time.

We help business owners and their families get organized and gain control. Our independent and objective guidance helps you see current situations clearly and create a vision for your future.

Our role is to connect your wealth with your life. Our approach is tailored specifically to your individual situation, your values and your goals.

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Independent Women

Among our clients are independent women who have acquired their wealth as business owners or who have inherited a family business. We also work with newly single women who may be facing the emotional and financial challenges of losing a spouse through death or divorce.

Women face unique financial planning challenges. Many fear they may outlive their savings, or have insufficient income to live comfortably. An independent woman may be handling significant assets on her own for the first time.

We help our clients feel empowered by their money. That means enabling you to make life choices in which finances are not obstacles, but rather a means to reach your life’s ambitions.


As an attorney, architect, CPA, engineer or medical professional, you likely have long been focused on your career. While understanding complex financial concepts is no problem, taking the necessary time to handle your own finances may well be.

At Phillips Financial, we understand that your business is important and your time is valuable. Our team’s expertise enables you to focus on your work, your family and your interests, rather than on your finances.

While we’re always available to discuss market trends, economic developments and, of course, your portfolio – we’re also here to help address all aspects of your finances – from the day-to-day details to the “big picture,” from assessing the tax implications of your portfolio to helping you establish a living trust.

Retirees in Transition

If you are retired, preserving your wealth and maintaining your lifestyle are probably among your top priorities. You need to feel confident that you can cope with the financial consequences of any major health-related events … that you’ll have the income you need regardless of what the financial markets do … that you’ll be able to live in your home as long as you want … and that you’ll leave behind the legacy you had planned.

How much is enough? Have I accumulated enough money to enjoy a meaningful, independent future? That’s what most clients ask us about funding their retirement.

Because we are living much longer in retirement today, the possibility of 30 years without a paycheck takes careful planning and disciplined investing.

Re-define the future.

We help you clarify your goals and refine your vision for retirement. Then we develop a plan to begin leveraging your wealth to help support your goals.

Working with you, we help determine your financial needs, establish long term goals, assess your risk tolerance, and suggest investments that match your objectives both today and for the future.